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Language Assistance is a certified translation service centre located in Denpasar Bali, providing sworn and non-sworn translation services of more than ten local and foreign languages such as Indonesian, English, Japanese, German, Dutch, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, and Italian.

1. Current translation fees
Translation fees 2013

2. Qualifications of the translators
Language Assistance cooperates directly with more than ten sworn and certified translators who possess licenses as sworn and certified translators and registered in the foreign embassy in Indonesia. The translated document will be directly signed by our translators and officially stamped.

3. Types of translation services (normal, express and super express)
Language Assistance offers three types of translation services such as normal, express and super express. NORMAL translation means “first come first serve” wherein the earlier documents received will be translated first, then continued to current documents. If you prefer normal service, we highly recommend to send the document to our office earlier, so your documents may be immediately done when others finished. EXPRESS translation (maximum 10 pages) can be completed within 2 working days. Double price applies for this service. SUPER EXPRESS translation (maximum 5 pages) can be completed within 24 hours. It costs three times higher than normal price. This service is particularly dedicated for any of you who need such an urgent translation.

4. Standard format of the translation result
a. Paper size : A4
b. Line spacing : Double
c. Font : Currier new
d. Font size : 12
e. Margin : Top = 3 cm, Bottom = 3 cm, Left = 3 cm and Right = 3 cm

5. Telephone number and Balinese in-charge
Land line (office) : 0361 8049325 (Indah)
Cellular phone : 081 338 614 969 (Indra – English speaking staff)

6. Complete office address of Language Assistance
Jalan Nagasari III,
Komplek Perumahan Nuansa Penatih, Blok A/5,
Banjar Poh manis, Kelurahan Penatih Dangin Puri,
Denpasar Timur, Kota Denpasar,
Postal code: 80238
Email: bantuanbahasa@gmail.com

Working hours: Monday to Sunday: 08.00 – 20.00 WITA

7. Map or direction to Language Assistance
Just simply CLICK HERE

8. Terms and conditions
A fifty percent down payment is required to proceed the translation project. The balance payment is due upon completion of the translation or prior to submission (if sent by email). Payment can be made in cash in our office or transferred to any of our bank accounts that officially written in the invoice. We can also collect the payment in your house or office if you have documents at least 50 pages (source language). Less than this number shall be directly submitted to our office (the address completely written above).

9. Notice from Language Assistance (to avoid FRAUD)
Be ware of any personal or on behalf translation agency that say to base in Bali! as not all of them are actually based in Bali. They only use keyword “translation in Bali” to get and attract more costumers within the island. Please check the detail address VERY CAREFULLY to assure whether they are in Bali or beyond and please also make sure they use local phone code for Bali (0361). Using only mobile or cellular phone is susceptible to fraud. Please NEVER transfer money if you are advised to sent it via SMS (short message service). Language Assistance ALWAYS sends official invoice to order any transfers from clients.


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Language Assistance:

Language Assistance